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Yarn Pekhorka, Camel 12/2 600m., Color: 43-Severe linen, Camel wool 65%, High-volume acrylic 35%, 100 g x 3 pcs.

Vendor code: ПВ12/2_43_3
11,72 USD for 1 pcs.
968.6 KGS for 1 pcs.
11.72 EUR for 1 pcs.
10.2 GBP for 1 pcs.
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Camel is produced under the order of manufacturers of lumbar belts, knee pads, elbow pads. Clothes are knitted from it for astronauts, divers, long-distance sailors, specialists whose professional activities are associated with long-term exposure to frost. If you have fans of ice fishing, winter sports, long winter trips, hunters, then they need camel socks and warming belts! It has a beneficial effect on the skin and joints, improves blood circulation and even helps to lose weight. The yarn is ideal for the wardrobe of very young children, because it is hypoallergenic and healthy! They do not sweat in camel clothes, so such products are recommended for the prevention of colds for people with weakened immune systems. It should be noted that camel hair is not soft and fluffy. And by adding acrylic to it, we reduced this drawback to nothing. The yarn is easy to knit both with knitting needles, crochet, and on household knitting machines.
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Light Beige, Light Brown
Camel Hair, Acrylic
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