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Green Tea

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Vendor code: MTEA_85
7,66 USD For 1 pcs.
633.06 KGS For 1 pcs.
7.66 EUR For 1 pcs.
6.66 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_23
5,55 USD For 1 pcs.
458.68 KGS For 1 pcs.
5.55 EUR For 1 pcs.
4.83 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_77
6,09 USD For 1 pcs.
503.31 KGS For 1 pcs.
6.09 EUR For 1 pcs.
5.3 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_47
5,31 USD For 1 pcs.
438.84 KGS For 1 pcs.
5.31 EUR For 1 pcs.
4.62 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_260
Green Krasnodar tea, grown in the Matsesta Valley and processed using gentle technology using steaming, has a delicate refined taste and delicate creamy aroma with marine notes.
6,56 USD For 1 pcs.
542.15 KGS For 1 pcs.
6.56 EUR For 1 pcs.
5.71 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_43
Petiole tea is the original tea grown in the Matsesta Valley, obtained by sorting the tea leaves.
4,88 USD For 1 pcs.
403.31 KGS For 1 pcs.
4.88 EUR For 1 pcs.
4.25 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_99
Green tea has an olive-colored infusion with a delicate taste and a characteristic refined aroma with marine notes. The quality characteristics of the tea are similar to the Japanese Sencha tea.
21,88 USD For 1 pcs.
1808.26 KGS For 1 pcs.
21.88 EUR For 1 pcs.
19.04 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_49
Krasnodar green tea "Extra" is a balanced blend of classic steamed green tea using Matsesta tea leaves, produced according to the recipes of 1974.
17,27 USD For 1 pcs.
1427.27 KGS For 1 pcs.
17.27 EUR For 1 pcs.
15.03 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_301/3
Classic green Krasnodar tea has a delicate, mild taste, pleasant astringency and a light aroma of the sea.
8,75 USD For 1 pcs.
723.14 KGS For 1 pcs.
8.75 EUR For 1 pcs.
7.61 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_61
Green tea has a delicate, refined, slightly sweet taste and pleasant astringency, which are characteristic of Krasnodar green tea.
5,94 USD For 1 pcs.
490.91 KGS For 1 pcs.
5.94 EUR For 1 pcs.
5.17 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_760
Exquisite green tea is collected on plantations in the ecologically clean Matsesta Valley. Tea is characterized by a delicate and rich taste without bitterness, a delicate aroma, an olive color of the infusion and a pleasant, slightly tart aftertaste.
6,48 USD For 1 pcs.
535.54 KGS For 1 pcs.
6.48 EUR For 1 pcs.
5.64 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Green tea has long won its place in the diet of lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Both black and green types of tea come from the same plant, the difference is in the methods of processing raw materials. In the manufacture of green tea, the leaves are subjected to partial fermentation or conventional drying. This method preserves more useful substances and reflects the appearance of the product: green folded leaves, when brewed, give the drink a barely noticeable shade - from pale chamomile to straw yellow. It is a mistake to assume that the light tone of a green drink indicates the absence of a fortress - green tea is strong. In addition, it contains more caffeine than black. The recommended brewing temperature for green tea is between 61 and 87°C, depending on the quality and variety. The quality of green tea is determined by the size and integrity of the leaves.