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Yarn Pekhorka "Sheep Wool" color: 896 M, 100% wool 200 m, 100 g, 2 skeins.

Vendor code: ПехоркаОШ_896_2
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“Sheep wool” is a pure wool yarn with a classic texture. Almost the same as hand spinning. Its thread is harsh and rude, but this is its main plus! It is very warm and retains all the positive properties of natural fiber of animal origin. The color palette is collected only from natural, unpainted colors. And each of them is interesting in its own way. The purpose of “Sheep wool” is quite wide: socks, mittens, vests, lumbar belts, sweaters, hats, sweaters are knitted from it. In such things, you can stay for hours in the cold, make long transitions through the snowy terrain - natural wool will not only perfectly retain heat, but also protect against moisture. Fishermen, hunters, athletes, people whose professional activity is connected with a long stay in the open field, on water bodies will be especially grateful to you for such spiritual and saving warmth. Composition: 100% semi-coarse wool. Wash only by hand, in cool water, with the addition of a mild detergent or a special product for wool; the spin is neat, without twisting and stretching; drying at natural temperature in a straightened form.
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Sheep's Wool
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