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Yarn from Troitsk "Podmoskovnaya" color: 02 Black; 50% wool, 50% acrylic; 250 m, 100 g x 2 skeins

Vendor code: ТПМ_02
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Weight, g
Yarn "Podmoskovnaya" has been a sales leader for many years. And this is no coincidence. Presented in a luxurious palette of shades (over 120 types), blended yarn gives knitted products a delicate soft texture, amazing wear resistance and the ability to retain heat. This greatly facilitates the care of products, which as a result are perfectly erased, perfectly retaining their original ones: shape, color, texture, do not shrink and do not wrinkle. The yarn will perfectly cope with such loads as mechanical friction. Therefore, it can be used not only in clothing, but also for interior decoration. Warm yarn from Troitsk "Podmoskovnaya" will delight needlewomen with its quality and unique texture of the thread. A dense air thread of medium thickness, with a small pile, which contains a large amount of natural wool, which gives the product a warming effect and breathability. Acrylic in the composition retains the original appearance and shape of the product. Yarn 'Podmoskovnaya' is perfect for knitting warm clothes for the winter, cardigans, sweaters and vests. You will enjoy the result of knitting, and the correct selection of knitting needles or a hook will help you enjoy the process to the fullest. With yarn "Podmoskovnaya" you can fantasize endlessly, give pleasant cozy gifts to relatives and friends, passing them the warmth of your hands. The color in the photo may differ slightly from the original
Yarn from Troitsk
Vendor code
Weight, g
Sheep Wool, Acrylic
Knitting method
Needles, Hook
Spring, Winter, Autumn
Length, m
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