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Vendor code: MTEA_11
Strong, fragrant loose leaf tea will give strength, help you feel the value of live communication and the joy of hospitality in the best Russian traditions.
4,86 USD For 1 pcs.
401.65 KGS For 1 pcs.
4.86 EUR For 1 pcs.
4.23 GBP For 1 pcs.
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Vendor code: MTEA_051
A wonderful example of large-leaf tea grown on the plantations of the Matsesta Valley among the mountains of the Caucasus Range, harmoniously combines a bright aroma, fresh caramel taste, restrained strength and a pleasant aftertaste.
6,41 USD For 1 pcs.
529.75 KGS For 1 pcs.
6.41 EUR For 1 pcs.
5.58 GBP For 1 pcs.
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