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Tea set No. 4. Black tea with rosehip, lemon balm, mint and currant; Tea black classical "Choice"; Classic green tea "Selected"

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1. Black leaf tea is supplemented with rose hips and currants, as well as mint and lemon balm leaves. A pleasant refreshing drink with a unique aroma, which has a lot of useful properties, strengthens the immune system and invigorates. Currants and wild rose - sources of a large amount of vitamin C, enrich the taste with berry notes. Melissa and mint enhance the fresh aroma, their beneficial substances relieve tension and have an antiviral effect. Tea is good for the whole family. The product is certified. Brewing temperature: 95 °C 2. Historical Krasnodar black tea, beloved since childhood. This is a noble blend using tea leaves collected on the plantations of the Matsesta Valley among the mountain ranges of the North Caucasus. Black tea is characterized by a beautiful cognac color, bright aroma, restrained astringency, rich taste with hints of caramel and chocolate and a long pleasant aftertaste. 100% natural product, manufactured in accordance with GOST 32573-2013. The product is certified. Brewing temperature: 95-100 °C 3. Green tea has a delicate, refined, slightly sweet taste and pleasant astringency, which are characteristic of Krasnodar green tea. Tea is grown in an ecologically clean area of ​​Sochi in the foothills of the North Caucasus. Processed using steaming technology, which retains 90% of the nutrients of fresh tea leaves. Natural product, manufactured in accordance with GOST 32574-2013. Green tea "Krasnodarsky" is the owner of the Gold Medal at the competition "Best Product - 2021" within the framework of the international exhibition PRODEXPO. The product is certified. Brewing temperature: 80 °C
Krasnodar tea since 1947
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Black tea, Green tea, Rosehip, Melissa, Mint, Currant
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