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Tea set No. 19. Clay mug Matsesta tea; Black tea with calendula and mint "Bouquet"; Classic green tea "Bouquet"

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1. Clay mug, handmade. Volume: 200 ml. It retains heat well, suitable for any drinks. 2. Krasnodar black tea, made according to traditional technology and harmoniously combining astringency and sweetness in taste, is supplemented with mint leaves and calendula flowers. Fresh mint notes stand out prominently in the bouquet of fragrances, marigold flowers add light herbal touches. Tea infusion is rich in vitamins, soothes, reduces pressure and has a slight anti-inflammatory property. 100% natural product. The product is certified. Brewing temperature: 95 °C 3. Krasnodar green tea, grown in the Matsesta Valley and processed using gentle technology using steaming, has a delicate refined taste and delicate creamy aroma with marine notes. Tea has a tonic effect, contains a large amount of vitamins B, C, PP and others, helping to maintain the beauty of the skin and hair. Grade "Bouquet" testifies to the high quality of tea, which is confirmed by international experts. 100% natural product. The product is certified. Brewing temperature: 80-85 °C
Krasnodar tea since 1947
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Leaf tea
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Calendula, Peppermint
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