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Karlovy Vary mineral salt, 100 g

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Karlovy Vary mineral salt - soluble salt produced from Karlovy Vary mineral springs, Supplement to food. The exceptional healing properties of the Karlovy Vary mineral springs have been known for centuries and are the basis of the popularity of Karlovy Vary throughout the world. Therefore, for 200 years, local doctors have been working on how to make the Karlovy Vary drinking cure accessible not only to patients staying at the spa, but also to those who cannot visit Karlovy Vary. Today, with the use of the latest technology, this problem has been solved. Karlovy Vary mineral salt is produced by evaporating the world-famous thermal spring from mineral water. This salt contains all active natural ingredients in exactly the same amount as in the thermal water flowing from Karlovy Vary springs. Natural Karlovy Vary geyser salt has been produced at the Vřídelní Sůl factory since 1882. The company is the very first producer of Karlovy Vary salt in Europe and remains the only supplier of this unique product to date. Water (from which salt is subsequently produced) is taken from a depth of more than 1500 meters and, passing through all layers of the soil, contains various elements in its composition. Thanks to the seven stages of purification, all excess is removed from the water, and then salt is evaporated from it. This is a real natural product! The production is certified according to European quality standards EN ISO, and the product - Karlovy Vary drinking salt, produced on new modern equipment - meets the requirements of the National Institute of Health of the Czech Republic. In home treatment, a salt solution is used in the following concentration: 0.5%, 1.0%, up to 5% (5, 10, up to 50 g of salt are dissolved in 1 liter of hot or warm water, respectively). For taste and to reduce high alkalinity, as well as to eliminate turbidity due to sodium carbonate precipitation, we recommend using warm sparkling water (water with carbon dioxide). The solution must be drunk from the original cups with a straw or from glasses (200-250 ml) through a glass straw in small sips for 3-5 minutes, a break between individual glasses is 6-10 minutes.
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Natural bicarbonate-sulfate sodium chloride salt
Food salt
Storage conditions
Store in a dry place, out of the reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 25 °C.
From 12 years old
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