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Long leaf green tea with lemon balm mint

Vendor code: MTEA_586
Delicate fragrant green tea has a high content of nutrients and vitamins.
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Delicate fragrant green tea has a high content of nutrients and vitamins. Processed using a unique Japanese steaming technology, which allows you to save all the trace elements and antioxidants of fresh tea leaves. The drink calms and normalizes blood pressure. It has a mild taste and pleasant aroma. 100% natural product. Does not contain fragrances. The product is certified.
Krasnodar tea since 1947
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Leaf tea
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Melissa, Mint
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A set of natural Crimean herbal tea in a beautiful festive box. Ideal for a gift or for a pleasant home tea party.
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Green tea grown in the Matsesta Valley near Sochi, combined with lemon balm and mint, is a delicious aromatic drink with a lot of healing properties.
4,53 USD for 1 374.38 KGS for 1
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Green tea, which has a delicate oily taste and a pleasant astringency without bitterness, is complemented by a bouquet of six wild herbs.
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