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Eau de Parfum for women "the Shansit", 50 ml

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Eau de Parfum for women "the Shansit", 50 ml %A%Acousto style and elegance!%A%Tainstvo create a new flavor... the Process is delicate, mysterious, intimate. But there are examples of the work of perfumers, which became a classic example of the style. They are beyond time and fashion era. "Shansita" is one of those fragrances. %A%Aeromat is an invisible and silent accessory of women flavor. Selection of perfume – and even an attempt to understand themselves, to discover their identity. Because it is largely intuitive. The preference of "Shansit" will give fans of floral-chypre fragrances with green notes. Sophistication, elegance, femininity with a hint of sexuality – all this is embodied in Chancita. For women who believe in destiny and waiting for that one moment He appears, the one and only. Maybe it will be the love of your life, or maybe just infatuation. The main thing – do not miss your chance!%A%Asaph "Sanity" is a chypre,floral. It is for those who are always in harmony with herself, confident in their abilities. The aroma will further emphasize your elegance and appeal. The beginning of the fragrance opens with notes of flowers and fruit - pineapple,hyacinth,iris and pink pepper, which is filled with vital energy. In the heart of the sound notes of bergamot, Jasmine and rose. A plume of fragrance filled with notes of patchouli, vanilla and musk, which give the songs a special elegance and perfection.%A%Semeistvo scents: floral, chypre%A%Asians the given reason.%A%of AMIG luck, a moment of fate.%A%to Lay it as secret%A%Sujdeno not all, Alas!%A%Objem: 50 ml%A%ain the case.%A%Artikel: П1363
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