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Vivax Regenerating Cream, 50 ml and Relaxing Gel, 8 ml. (Travel set)

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A set of two cosmetics from VIVAX with volumes of 50 ml (Regenerating Cream) and 8 ml (Relaxing Gel), conveniently small in size to take with you on a trip. Vivax Sport Regenerating Cream significantly reduces the healing time for bruises, sprains, hematomas and other injuries. It has a lymphatic draining effect, reduces swelling. The tool helps to get rid of even chronic injuries. The regenerating cream VIVAX Sport is known and used by the best athletes and coaches in Russia. • restores damaged tissue in bruises, sprains and other injuries • accelerates wound healing • relieves pain • increases joint mobility and elasticity of muscle tissue • relieves cramps and restores neuromuscular conduction. Vivax Sport Relaxing Gel will quickly restore your muscles after exercise. The scope of its application is very wide and is not limited to sports. It is indispensable for people who spend a lot of time on their feet and in a static position: drivers, flight attendants, hairdressers, office workers, etc. Also, the gel perfectly relieves muscle fatigue and swelling of the legs during long flights. Recommended for increased leg fatigue. The cooling effect of the gel is clinically proven, which reduces the heat radiation of the skin, so the product can be used for sunburn - it will quickly relieve pain and inflammation. • removes lactic acid from the muscles • relieves pain, spasms, fatigue • strengthens the walls of blood vessels and prevents the appearance of varicose veins • relieves swelling after surgery • restores the skin after exposure to the sun
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Purified water, bioantioxidant complex Neovitin"®, olive oil, soybean oil, propylene glycol, glycerol monostearate, emulsion wax, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, ethylhexyl cocoate, stearin, cetearyl alcohol, cyclomethicone, panthenol, dimethicone, methylparaben, propylparaben and diazolidinylurea, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol with ethylhexylglycerin, bisabolol, perfume composition, butylhydroxytoluene, citric acid, peptide complexes AK-1, AK-3, AK-7, AK-8, AK-9 and AK-12. Purified water, bioantioxidant complex " Neovitin®, glycerin, panthenol, methylparaben, propylparaben, imidazolidinyl urea, copolymer of acrylates and C10-30 alkyl acrylate, triethanolamine, dimethicone, menthol, bisabolol, EDTA, perfume composition, peptide complexes AK-1, AK-3, AK-7, AK -8, AK-9 and AK-12."
Set of cosmetics for skin care
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