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Vivax Modeling cream, 200 ml

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Vivax Active Slim modeling cream will help you get rid of extra centimeters in problem areas, improving body contours. The use of the agent normalizes metabolism, enhances metabolic processes, thereby allowing you to save the results for a long time. • stimulates the breakdown and burning of fats • fights stretch marks, reduces the risk of new ones • tightens and restores skin elasticity • has a pronounced draining effect • reduces the visible signs of skin aging
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Volume, ml
Expiration date, years
Purified water, cyclomethicone, Neovitin® bioantioxidant complex, xanthan gum, carrageenan, glucose, ethylhexyl cocoate, glycerin, caprylcapric triglyceride, emulsion wax, dimethicone, glyceryl stearate citrate, capsicum extract, fucus extract, betaine, jojoba oil, cetyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol with ethylhexylglycerin, caffeine, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, copolymer of sodium hydroxyethyl acrylate and acryloyldimethyltaurate, glycerol monostearate, butylhydroxytoluene, EDTA, peptide complexes AK-1, AK-3, AK-7, AK-8, AK-9 and AK-12 AK - 1 Thymus peptides - Promotes tissue regeneration, accelerates wound healing, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunostimulating and anti-stress effects AK - 3 Pancreatic tissue peptides - Promotes the removal of excess lactic acid, normalizing lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in cells skin and muscle tissue, reduces swelling of tissues, maintains at an optimal level cellular respiration processes. AK - 7 Peptides of vascular tissue - Strengthens the walls of venous and arterial vessels. Normalizes metabolism in the cells of the vascular wall, improving blood microcirculation and restoring blood supply to tissues. AK - 9 Epiphyseal Peptides - Enhances protein synthesis in skin cells, muscle and cartilage tissue, optimizes circadian cycles. AK - 12 Peptides of cartilage and bone tissue - Regulates metabolic processes and enhances protein synthesis in periodontal tissue cells, cartilage and ligaments. Has high antioxidant activity, normalizes the processes of lipid peroxidation in the cells of various tissues, including periodontal. Enhances the regeneration of periodontal tissues, accelerating the leveling of the inflammatory process in the oral cavity. Strengthens the osteoarticular and ligamentous apparatus, increases the elasticity of ligaments, reducing trauma."
Skin care cream
Modeling cream
for men, for women
Mode of application
Apply the required amount of cream to problem areas of the body with gentle massaging movements. For maximum effect, it is recommended to use twice a day. Increase the effect of weight loss when applied to problem areas before exercise.
Application area
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