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Matsesta black long leaf tea with calendula and mint 25 sachets of 2g. in an individual envelope

Vendor code: MTEA_264
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This blend gives you the opportunity to enjoy a tasty, healthy and completely natural product. Classic black tea, grown in an ecologically clean area among the mountains of the Caucasus Range, has a rich, balanced taste with caramel hues and a rich aroma. Mint leaves bring a fresh note to it. The healing properties of this herb are effective in women's ailments. Complement the ensemble of calendula flowers. Calendula and mint are good cold helpers. Tea does not contain flavors and dyes. Brewing temperature: 85-90 °C
Krasnodar tea since 1947
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Calendula, Mint
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The combination of classic Matsesta black tea, wild rose and hawthorn is an excellent example of well-balanced natural ingredients that cause a very pleasant whole taste sensation.
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13.12 EUR for 1
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