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Black Tea With Natural Additives

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Vendor code: MTEA_26
The composition of classic black tea with linden flowers and echinacea has a harmonious mild taste and honey aroma.
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Vendor code: MTEA_113
The refined composition combines Matsesta green tea with an oily rich taste, fragrant pieces of ginger, cinnamon, lemon and orange zest.
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10.2 GBP For 1
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Vendor code: MTEA_579
The tea composition of black Krasnodar tea with linden flowers is popular due to the fragrant honey aroma and beneficial properties of linden.
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580.99 KGS For 1
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6.12 GBP For 1
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Vendor code: MTEA_71
The taste and aroma of ripe berries are harmoniously combined with the rich taste of classic black tea, giving a feeling of summer freshness and fragrance.
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477.69 KGS For 1
5.78 EUR For 1
5.03 GBP For 1
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The velvety, tart notes of freshly brewed black tea are wonderful on their own. But sometimes you want to supplement them with other pleasant aromas - in such cases, lovers can treat themselves to tea with additives. When choosing a refined variety, it is advisable to pay attention to which ingredients give the drink the smell of flowers, bergamot or other citrus fruits. Avoid teas with artificial flavors - natural additives suggest the presence of oils, dried pieces of fruit or zest in the composition. A drink with natural additives will not only acquire a spicy taste, but will enrich its vitamin composition.
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